Thank you for shopping!


Due to each item being personally addressed and signed, returns or exchanges are not accepted.


Refunds are accepted only if the item delivered is not the item that was ordered (ie; an order processing mistake on our part).


Cancellations are not accepted. Once an item has been ordered and paid for, there can be no cancellations or refunds.


  • How long will it take to get my item?

Orders of physical items are prepared and shipped within 5 business days of purchase.  Please remember that I am located in USA and shipping may take a little longer to reach you if you are located in other countries, or your order falls close to a holiday.  Custom digital items can take up to 5 weeks for delivery via email.

  • Is shipping discrete?

All products are shipped in discrete plain packaging.  There will be no information you’d rather someone not see.

Disclaimer: all used clothing has been properly laundered.

Custom Video Information

Please read the following before purchasing your custom video, upon purchase you agree to these terms.

Once the custom video has been purchased with details and requests sent in, no further changes can be made to the custom video, the custom video will not be re-shot. I try my absolute best to make everyone happy!  Please watch some of my videos on my website to understand the quality that I produce so you have accurate expectations (this does not mean the pro-shot videos). Order completion can take up to five (5) weeks to complete and be delivered. Delivery of the custom video will be send via email download. Custom videos may be watermarked. This will not obstruct or detract from your custom video.

Any requests to film illegal or morally questionable activities will be denied. These include but are not limited to: acts of violence, non consensual sexual activities, hate crimes, racism, bestiality, depicting minors, drugs, sleeping. Custom videos are not the customers property to distribute or share in any way, online or offline.

If you have a request for an activity to be filmed in your custom video that is not listed, this does not mean that it is not available. Please contact me below to discuss your request before purchasing if you are unsure. Custom videos may also be used within my website for resale, this is how I am able to film and produce custom requests within a timely and cost effective manner.   For any requests, clarification or questions, please email me at .